Water Resources Management Achievement : BenQ Materials wins Taiwan Sustainability Action Award (TSAA)

October 19, 2021

BenQ Materials was accorded a Taiwan Sustainability Action Award (TSAA) from the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in recognition of its achievements in water resources management. The award marked another milestone in the company’s relentless drive to use every drop of water wisely and effectively.

BenQ Materials at the Taiwan Sustainability Action Award (TSAA) ceremony


Nearly 94% water recycling rate to realize sustainable water resources circulation

Over a multi-year period, BenQ Materials has adhered to a comprehensive water resources management strategy, the outcomes of which have been acknowledged by official environmental agencies. In 2020, recycled water at the company’s Taoyuan factory comprised almost 94% of its total water usage, exceeding the industry standard of 70% by a wide margin. Every drop of water can be reused on average 5.6 times in a manufacturing process and up to 15 times in the entire plant, which on aggregate saves 587,000 tons of water annually. At the same time, smart water management efforts reduce CO2 emissions by 230.4 tons and saves NT$15.5 million on wastewater treatment costs.


BenQ Materials has been committed to water conservation efforts for many years and strives to build further momentum. By 2025, the company aims to reduce water usage at its Taoyuan plant by 10% vs. 2018 through water-saving, reuse, and recycling improvements. Specifically, the focus is on three water consumption areas, namely processed water, the cooling tower, and water from the boiler. An in-plant processing system is in place to separate and re-purpose wastewater, thereby optimizing the utilization of water that would otherwise be lost. For example, the water in the Taoyuan factory’s ecological pool is reclaimed and treated from biological wastewater. It is entirely clean and has proven to be an attractive habitat for birds and frogs, which help to build a harmonious and sustainable eco-system.

Water recycling and biological wastewater treatment reclaims water for the ecological pool at BenQ Materials’ Taoyuan factory


As climate change disrupts the water cycle and leads to global water scarcity, the company’s efforts to reduce the use of tap water includes collecting rainwater and re-purposing it for flushing toilets, watering gardens, and other utility services. Furthermore, a Facility Monitoring and Control System (FMCS) tracks the water supply status in real-time as well as the overall wastewater system to optimize water-usage efficiency. Notably, BenQ Materials is the first company in Taiwan to successfully run a Tubular MBR (wastewater treatment) system to reduce the production of waste sludge and its related costs. With the aim of replicating the achievements of the Taoyuan factory, the company will, going forward, roll out water resource management procedures to its other plants in Yunlin, Hsinchu, and in China.


BenQ Materials has elevated its commitment to green design, green production processes, and green living and placed them at the center of its environmental management policies. The goal is to attain a tripartite win for the environment, consumers, and the company by combining business strategy and environmental practices in the pursuit of sustainability.