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Driving Digital Transformation through Enhancing AI

Artificial intelligence has skyrocketed as a hot topic since 2023 as companies worldwide rush to embrace AI to realize digital transformation. However, a survey by the Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF) in Taiwan revealed a crucial gap: a lack of employee training. In Asia, only 5% of companies offer AI training, and in Taiwan, over 75% have less than a quarter of their workforce with basic AI knowledge.

This presents a challenge, as unlocking AI's full potential requires a skilled workforce. From its position as a leader in factory automation, BenQ Materials understands this. To cultivate internal talents, the company established an AI Office in 2023 to bridge this gap and accelerate innovation by empowering its employees with AI tools to increase work efficiency.

Building a Bridge: Our AI Office Strategy
Recognizing that deep AI expertise takes time, BenQ Materials took a gradual approach. The AI Office started small by regularly sharing AI knowledge and trends, helping employees understand the potential and applications of AI.

Next, by collaborating across departments to develop new projects, the AI Office helped teams harness AI for automating tasks and developing innovative solutions. To ensure success, clear goals were set, and the effectiveness of each project was measured. This allowed teams to adjust and refine their approach.

The Human Impact of AI
AI not only improves efficiency but also strengthens employee motivation by reducing tedious tasks. For example, generative AI can automate tasks such as summarizing research papers or meeting minutes, freeing up time for more fulfilling work such as strategy planning and team communication.

BenQ Materials invested heavily in employee training by offering a wide range of AI courses, from "Innovative Thinking for Digital Transformation" to "AI Trends in Marketing." These courses equip employees with the latest knowledge and skills to use AI tools effectively to maximize their work performance.

Beyond training, BenQ Materials also incorporated AI into internal events to enhance the employee experience. For instance, AI hosts were used in our 2023 annual meeting for managers and at the year-end staff party. This not only increased participant engagement but also sparked employees’ imaginations about using AI.


More than Workflows, AI Shapes the Future of Work
Looking ahead, AI-centered communication is poised to become a key differentiator. Companies that enhance the customer experience through the seamless blending of live customer service with AI chatbots will benefit in terms of cost savings that drive profitability.

As AI continues to evolve in 2024, companies that can adapt and harness its power will stand out. BenQ Materials is pressing forward by continuously seeking valuable AI applications to optimize workflows and using AI to inspire its people to be more creative and drive business value.

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