Risk Management

BenQ Materials has established the “Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Committee Charter,” and the risk management scope covers BenQ Materials and subsidiaries 100% owned by the company, in order to analyze and establish four main risk management goals, to implement risk identification and assessment, to improve plan and periodically management review, thereby effectively managing risks exceeding the risk tolerance limit, and creating an enterprise with resilience for overcoming challenges of risks.
Risk Management1

Organizational Structure and Operation of the Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee of BenQ Materials was established in July 2010, and the CEO and President acts as the chairperson/deputy chairperson of the committee, and the first-class supervisor of each department acts as the committee member, in order to be responsible for the resolution on the risk management strategy, and to establish the annual risk management goal. The CFO acts as the executive director of the Committee and is responsible for observing and monitoring internal and external risk events, and providing notices or educational promotion.

Risk Management2


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