Ethical Management

Code of Conduct:(Anti-corruption)

Item Responsible Department Execution Method
Regulatory setting and educational advocacy Human Resources Division The Employee Code of Ethical Conduct emphasizes a culture of integrity while the Regulations for Disciplinary Measures regulates various disciplinary incidents
Assessment and verification of integrity risks Legal Affairs and Audit Office Strengthen various operational processes, implement the division of rights and responsibilities, and reduce the occurrence of fraud through system control
Handling of breaches of integrity Senior managers form a major disciplinary committee to conduct the review Major breaches of integrity will be reported to the Board of Directors for action in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and operating procedures.
Whistleblowing mailbox for violations of ethical conducts

Integrity Education Promotion and Training:

Course Name Number of Hours Course Description 2019
Number of Trainees
Number of Trainees
Number of Trainees
Integrity course for new recruits 0.5 Compulsory courses for all new employees 350 364 361
Code of ethical conduct online course 0.25 All employees are required to complete the online course 791 1,894 1,756
Insider training prevention course 2 Regularly held for supervisor level and relevant employees depending on their nature of work 44 Note 76
Trade secrets regulations advocacy 2 Regularly held courses and advocated for supervisor level or related employees
through the company's electronic newsletter
47 Note
Note: Cancelled due to the pandemic and changed to internal announcement and promotion

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