Ethical Management

Code of Conduct:(Anti-corruption)

Promotion Work Item Responsible Department Execution Method
Regulation establishment and educational promotion Human Resource Division “Employee Code of Ethical Conduct” emphasizing the ethical management culture has been established, and the “Regulations for Disciplinary Actions” for various violation events have been specified
Assessment and inspection of integrity risk Legal Affairs and Audit Office Enhance each operation process, implement responsibility allocation, and reduce occurrence of fraud through system control.
Handling of violation of ethics Senior supervisors form the Major Disciplinary Committee to perform review For major violation of integrity, the execution status is reported to the Board of Directors according to relevant regulations and operation procedure
Whistleblowing mailbox for violation of ethical conducts

Integrity Education Promotion and Training:

Course Name Number of Hours Z(Hrs Course Description 2019
Number of Trainees
Number of Trainees
Number of Trainees
New employee integrity course 0.5 Required course for all new employees 350 364 361
Code of ethical conduct online course 0.25 All employees are required to complete the online course 791 1,894 1,756
Insider training prevention course 2 Course is opened periodically for supervisors and employees of relevant works 44 None 76
Trade secret law educational promotion 2 Course and educational promotion is provided to supervisors and employees of relevant works through electronic newsletters of the Company periodically 47 None
Note: Course was canceled due to pandemic, and it was changed to internal announcement and educational promotion.

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