Information Security

Information Security Policy
To protect the interest of the company and the sustainable operation goal, BenQ Materials has established secure and reliable computerized operating environment, in order to ensure the computer data, system, equipment and network security and to maintain normal operation. According to the Cyber Security Management Act, Personal Data Protection Act, Copyright Act, Electronic Signatures Act along with the reference of the Information Security International Standard (ISO 27001), the company has established the “Information Security Policy Procedure” and has also established the “Information Security Operation Guidelines” in compliance with the structure. In addition, the company also continues to monitor information security issues, establishes response plan and enhances the purchase and installation of information security protection software and hardware, including new anti-virus software update, global security fabric joint defense establishment, internal operating system upgrade and vulnerability improvement. To emphasize the importance of information security policy on the information security of the company, information security education and training as well as information security drills are organized periodically, in order to integrate the information security awareness in the organization culture.

Information Security Committee and Responsible Unit
In 2021, BenQ Materials has established the “Information Security Management Committee,” and the Chief Information Security Officer and information security representative are assigned to enhance the information security management mechanism. To satisfy the information security trend and the policy demands of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), for information security operation, the company has established one “Information Security Full-time Staff” and the “Infrastructure and Information Security Department” has been established in January 2022, and it is planned to set up one “Information Security Full-time Supervisor.”


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