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Sponsoring the Academic Dream

Since 2014, BenQ Materials has established a research scholarship to encourage students to engage in innovative and relevant research in materials science. The scholarship aims to develop outstanding students with professional abilities and to invite outstanding talents in chemical materials, biomedicine, and science management to join us in advance through pre-employment and internship.
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Award Ceremony
Every year, a number of students are awarded research scholarships and invited to the company for an awards ceremony. This is a great opportunity for the recipients to learn more about BenQ materials and to interact with the managers.

  • Master of Science and Engineering: First and second-year students in science and engineering-related disciplines. The award will be given to first and second-year students of science and technology-related disciplines, especially those related to optoelectronics, materials, chemicals, chemistry, information technology, and polymers.
  • Doctor of Science and Engineering (Ph.D.): Ph.D. students in their second year or above with thesis and research areas related to battery materials, chemical and chemical materials, big data, and optoelectronics.
  • Overseas Chinese students in Business Administration: Overseas Chinese students who are in the second year of their Master's degree in Business Administration. Marketing-related departments are preferred.
Information can be found on Facebook FB_ICON BenQ Materials Career If you would like to apply, please submit your resume to the FB editor

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