Stakeholder Engagement

Each stakeholder category is determined to have a different meaning and engagement with the operational departments and activities of BenQ Materials.

For 2021, these engagements are summarised as follows:
Stakeholder Category Shareholders Customers
Meaning to BenQ Materials Financial and non-financial information provided to institutional and individual investors alike are maintained with the same level of transparency Customers are sources of revenue as well as partners in promoting product and technology research and development. It is BenQ Materials’ goal to implement continuous improvement in sustainable development together with its customers
Responsible Department Corporate Governance Team Product Lifecycle and Innovation Team
Engagement Method/ Frequency Board of Directors and Audit Committee Report (quarterly)
General Shareholders’ Meeting (annually)
Investors Conference (quarterly)
Market Observation Post System Website (irregularly)
Spokesman System (irregularly)
Company’s Official Website and Investors’ Mailbox (irregularly)
Customer Satisfaction Survey (Quarterly)
Customers’ Supplier Audit (Annually)
Customers’ Supplier Conference (Annually)
Engagement Result Board of Directors and Audit Committee Report (5 times)
General Shareholders’ Meeting (1 time)
Investors Conference (4 times)
Market Observation Post System Website (irregularly)
Spokesman System (irregularly)
Company’s Official Website and Investors’ Mailbox (irregularly)
Customer Satisfaction Survey (4 times)
Customers’ Supplier Audit (1 time)
Customers’ Supplier Conference (1 time)
Stakeholder Category Employees Suppliers
Meaning to
BenQ Materials
Employees are fundamental to the promotion of BenQ Materials' continuing operations. The company provides a competitive, open and diverse workplace that attracts outstanding talents in pursuit of common growth and achieving a great future together With suppliers' support, BenQ Materials can provide quality products and services to customers. The company's goal is to enhance the management and capability of a sustainable supply chain
Responsible Department Social Participation Team Supply Chain Team
Engagement Method/Frequency Labor–Management Meeting (quarterly)
Business Explanatory Session (quarterly)
Welfare Committee Meeting (quarterly)
Plant Direct Personnel Seminar (irregularly)
Unlawful Infringement Complaint Telephone and Mailbox (available at all time)
BenQ Personal Delivery App (available at all time)
President’s Mailbox (available at all time)
External Complaint Mailbox (available at all time)
Mailing of Ethics Announcement (annually)
Key Supplier Evaluation (semi-annually)
Key Supplier Document Audit (annually)
Field Guidance and Audit (irregularly)
Harmful Substance Management Policy (irregularly)
Engagement Result Labor–Management Meeting (4 sessions)
Business Explanatory Session (4 sessions)
Welfare Committee Meeting (4 sessions)
BenQ Personal Delivery App Employee Comments (23 cases)
President’s Mailbox (1 case)
Key Supplier Evaluation (100% completed)
Key Supplier Document Audit (100% completed)
Harmful Substance Management Policy (100% signed back)
Stakeholder Category Banks
Meaning to
BenQ Materials
In addition to capital market financing, banks are another source of operating capital. Through close communications and interactions, BenQ Materials can obtain stable and competitive funding
Responsible Department Corporate Governance Team
Engagement Method/Frequency Bank transactions and visits (irregularly)
Engagement Result Close relationships with banks allow the company to tap sources of funding for operational needs


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