Open Possibilities for Healthcare Synergies with BenQ Group at Medical Taiwan 2024

At Medical Taiwan 2024, the BenQ Group will bring together a powerful consortium of 10 affiliated companies and brands to showcase a diverse array of innovative products and solutions catered to both healthcare professionals and consumers. As a leading force in Taiwan’s healthcare industry, the Group works closely with its global customers and supply chain partners to fully capitalize on industry trends and jointly drive medical innovation.


Mobility Excellence in Motion with BenQ Materials

At BenQ Materials, two stand-out passions power our engagement with the automotive sector: discovering new possibilities through innovation and minimizing our environmental impact. It’s what drives us to constantly develop trailblazing products and solutions that redefine in-car entertainment, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront.


Together Reimagining Mobility with BenQ Materials

At the forefront of materials science solutions, BenQ Materials leverages its in-house R&D and deep manufacturing expertise in display materials to develop advanced automotive products that significantly enhance the driving experience.


BenQ Materials to Present Technological Progress in Battery Safety with Armarator™ at the International Battery Seminar 2024

At the International Battery Seminar on March 12-15 in Orlando, Florida, BenQ Materials unveiling its proprietary Armarator™ high-safety battery separator technology. Mark your calendar for a pivotal showcase of Armarator™ on March 14 at 10:00 AM EDT.


Innovative Horizons: BenQ Materials to Unveil Cutting-edge Medical Solutions at MD&M West 2024

Join us on February 6-8 at MD&M West 2024 as our four distinctive brands under the BenQ Materials marquee – SIGMA, Cenefom, Anscare, and Web-Pro – showcase the marvel of healthcare materials and demonstrate unparalleled innovation across various medical applications.


Innovative Products for Everyday Healthcare: BenQ Materials at MEDICA 2023

We are thrilled to announce BenQ Materials’ participation in MEDICA 2023, scheduled from November 13th to 16th in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Think Medical Materials, Think of BenQ Materials at MD&M Minneapolis 2023

As a pioneering materials science solutions provider, BenQ Materials leverages its expertise in optical films, high-performance polymers, medical-grade silicones, and chitosan formulations to drive innovation in optics, medical devices, and biomaterials.


NTU Hospital Professor Presents Clinical Results of Anscare’s SIMO Postoperative NPWT System at EWMA 2023, Europe's Largest Wound Management Symposium

Anscare participated in the European Wound Management Association's (EWMA) annual conference in Italy on May 3-5, 2023. The event brought together more than 5,000 healthcare professionals from 96 countries and hundreds of international companies to share the latest developments and innovations in wound care. Anscare showcased the SIMO NPWT system, widely recognized for its battery-free, smart indicator, and canister-free benefits.


Materials Matters. BenQ Materials Corp. Showcased Diverse Healthcare Applications at MD&M West 2023 in U.S.

This February, four of BenQ Materials’ professional medical brands — Anscare, SIGMA, Cenefom and Web-Pro — participated in MD&M West 2023 in California. Our main theme was “Materials Matters”, and demonstrated our core expertise in developing integrated solutions with materials science for various healthcare applications.


Spotlight on SIMO and Partnerships for Applications of NPWT

Taiwan Society for Wound Care gathers healthcare professionals from all around the world to exchange latest trends in wound management, with the goal of providing better care to patients.


Anscare’s ChitoClot Gauze was Affirmed by Wound Care Experts in the Professional Wound Forum

Anscare participated in Taiwan Society for Burn Injuries and Wound Healing seminar on September 17-18, and many wound care experts joined the grand event. At the first day of the forum, Dr. Li-Ren Chang, the director of the burn care center of E-Da hospital, shared a new concept of using ChitoClot Gauze to stop bleeding after burn wound tangential excision. It can help heal wounds faster and better.


Innovative solutions for battery separators will be showcased at AABC Europe 2023

BenQ Materials will be participating in AABC Europe 2023 in June and showcasing our latest developments in battery separators at booth 603. Additionally, we are hosting an exclusive symposium on June 20th.

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