Message from President

 The COP26 held in the U.K. in 2021 aroused the emphasis and consensus of countries around the globe on climate change issues. The impact of climate change on our Earth is an important issue to not only countries but also corporations and sustainable operation. According to the global initiative, the government of Taiwan has established the goal of zero carbon emission by 2050. BenQ Materials also sets its ultimate goal based on the government’s policy and has established the medium-term goal of carbon emission reduction of 30% by 2030 in comparison to the carbon emission in 2020.

In recent years, BenQ Materials has consecutively invested in energy saving equipment, process and product design improvement, in order to head toward the goal of greater reduction of carbon emission. The carbon dioxide generated from the power consumption is main source of carbon emission. BenQ Materials has also deployed the self-construction of a solar power generation project and has accelerated the purchase of green power, in order to effectively reduce the carbon emission generated during the operational process, thereby achieving true green manufacturing in practice.

Production zero waste is also a promotion focus for the environmental aspect of BenQ Materials. In addition to the reduction of wastes generated during the production process, utilization of resources properly to achieve their expected values and circular economy are also considered our key focuses. Through cooperation with associations, organizations and cross-industry collaboration, we have identified feasible technologies and opportunities that are expected to generate economic benefits and achieve true circular economy in practice.

BenQ Materials deploys the ESG plan based on the six aspects of Green Manufacturing, Partnership, Responsible Product, Responsible Governance, Social Care and Establishment of Friendly Workplace. Based on the business philosophy of ethical management, I have great faith in our company to achieve transparent governance, thereby allowing the shareholders and relevant stakeholders, including banks, to have sufficient trust on the business operation of BenQ Materials. With regard to the disadvantaged group and the group of remote areas, we will also utilize the resources and power of BenQ Materials to contribute our efforts through various different methods of donation, purchasing and provision of opportunities, in order to provide assistance in solving social difficulty and to achieve the responsibility of corporate citizen.

I sincerely thank and appreciate the joint efforts of all suppliers and business partners moving forward in the sustainable development with BenQ Materials and all employees of BenQ Materials in implementing various plans and projects. Under such joint effort, I believe we will achieve greater future together.


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