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In recent years, BenQ Materials has actively recruited global talents to become a top global company, and to initiate the integration of internal multiculturalism.
Talent We Have
In addition to the employee who speaks Chinese, our talents also come from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. We believe that the exchange of different cultures can inspire more innovative ideas and enhance the talent strength of the company.
Talent We Need
We continue to invite two types of global talents to join BenQ Materials:
R & D:
    -Responsible for advanced technology and product development
    -Looking for the talent who majored in chemical engineering, materials, optoelectronics, etc.
Marketing and sales:
    -Responsible for overseas market expansion and business development
    -Looking for talents with relative experiences, and who can business trips abroad or be stationed overseas
Talent We Help
* Processing of employment permit documents
* Continue to build a friendly working environment for foreign talents
* Provide Chinese study subsidy
* Exclusive contact window:



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