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Inclusion Matters. Attracting Top Talent with a Healthy Workplace

In today’s competitive job market, companies need to do more than just offer a paycheck to attract and retain top talent. BenQ Materials understands this, and that’s why we’re championing a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

This encompasses a corporate culture that encourages people of different genders, races, religions, ages, and sexual orientations to participate in company decision-making, so that all employees have fair access to resources and promotion opportunities.

A McKinsey & Co. report, "Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters" (Note 1), shows that companies with a diverse, fair and inclusive work culture attract top talent, nurture employee loyalty, and drive performance and innovation. But it’s more than just the bottom line: inclusive environments also build a sense of belonging, which keeps employees engaged and thriving.

At BenQ Materials, we invest in talent development and a healthy working environment for both physical and mental well-being through improving various benefits and policies. This creates a win-win for both employees and the company.

Our commitment to talent development extends beyond our own walls. We’ve been a proud participant in CommonWealth Magazine’s "Talent in Taiwan" initiative for the past three years. In 2023, we placed a particular focus on DEI as a key driver of talent attraction and retention.


Creating a Corporate Culture of Mutual Trust
To enhance communication and trust in the work environment, we actively address employee feedback, achieving a 100% resolution rate in 2023. Regular employee welfare committee meetings ensure we’re constantly improving, leading to a 90% surveyed overall employee satisfaction rate.

We also recognize the power of multiculturalism in advancing innovation and increasing the company’s competitiveness. Our expatriate training program helps new team members integrate, offering Mandarin-language learning resources, internal announcements in both English and Mandarin, and immersive experiences to learn about Taiwanese culture. These efforts resulted in a 100% retention rate of key expatriate personnel in 2023.

Establishing an Encouraging and Inclusive Workplace
Our diverse welfare system includes childcare allowances and flexible working hours to support various employee needs, which goes a long way toward underpinning employee motivation. Our 2023 retention rate of 99% for top performers reflects that commitment.

Looking beyond traditional benefits, we offer a variety of resources and activities. From sports clubs and competitions to handcraft workshops such as handmade doll classes as well as mental health resources, we encourage employees to explore their interests. This not only supports physical and mental well-being but also facilitates well-rounded and balanced lifestyles.

Empowering People to Reach Their Full Potential
Today’s workforce, in particular Generation Z, prioritizes workplaces that align with their values and offer opportunities for development. Recognizing this, as a "multi-product, multi-technology, multi-application" company, we emphasize diverse development for personal growth, a sense of career accomplishment, and the realization of personal values.

With a comprehensive education system in place and a rich variety of in-person and online training courses, employees can enhance their professional and management skills. In 2023, we launched a learning credit system to encourage self-learning and broaden cross-disciplinary knowledge. An average of 43 hours of training per person was attained in 2023. By empowering our people to grow, we not only strengthen their individual competitiveness but also drive innovation across the company.

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive corporate culture fosters trust and loyalty among employees. An empowered workforce is more likely to contribute ideas and suggestions to propel the company’s competitive edge. At BenQ Materials, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive work environment that cultivates talent and fuels continuous innovation.

Note 1: McKinsey & Company’s "Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters" report download:

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