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BenQ Materials Champions Sports, Earns Renewed Taiwan iSports Certification

At BenQ Materials, sporting activities are woven into the fabric of our corporate culture. By boosting physical and mental health, sports provide tangible benefits and reduce employee turnover. It’s a winning formula that has earned the company renewed recognition with the prestigious Taiwan iSports Certification.

Healthy, engaged employees drive corporate success. That's why BenQ Materials champions a vibrant sports culture that builds trust, fosters teamwork, and sparks creativity. It’s a virtuous cycle where athletic traits like mental toughness, focus, competitiveness, and resilience translate into winning business strategies.

Building winning teams
For years, BenQ Materials has supported a range of sports programs and competitions. The company’s diverse sports programs and competitions go beyond mere fun and games. They’re carefully designed to break down silos, fostering cross-functional communication and collaboration as employees work together toward shared goals. New hires find their footing faster and integrate into the company culture through shared athletic endeavors, while sports activities outside the work setting facilitate side-by-side interaction, building trust and camaraderie among colleagues.

Sustainable fitness
To encourage getting active, BenQ Materials goes the extra mile to ignite employees’ passion for sweat and cheers. Convenient sporting venues and amenities are provided, so participation is effortless. With a variety of clubs and classes, from aerobic boxing to yoga, there’s something for every fitness level and interest to keep everyone in the habit of exercising. For fun-fueled motivation, online games, challenges, social media engagement, and internal e-newsletters keep everyone in the loop and pumped up on all club activities and seasonal competitions. And by blending cycling and hiking events with environmental cleanups, participants can enjoy nature, nurture their personal well-being, and enhance the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Success in kilograms
The results speak for themselves. For example, in our 2023 weight-loss competition, a whopping 250 employees shed a combined 756 kilograms over three months. According to the participants, a combination of supportive teammates motivating one another, rewards, and expert fitness guidance helped them stay on track to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With the affirmation of the Taiwan iSports Certification, BenQ Materials proves that a vibrant sports culture is more than just a perk – it’s a powerful driver of employee engagement, productivity, and overall well-being. And we're just getting warmed up!


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