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BenQ Smart Film—the Dialogue with Smart Home Systems

與智慧家庭系統的對話- 用圖-min

As technology constantly evolves, smart home services are more financially accessible and it’s easier for consumers to create their own smart home environment. Families who look for more efficient and eco-friendly living environment will choose smart home appliances and smart home service systems. In the meanwhile, enterprises also thirst for smart-home tech applications, such as the smart lighting system, home kit and smart optical film, to have the interior space with complete automation, realizing smart commercial office space and work-from-home life-style.

With the integration of smart controlling system and BenQ Smart Film, the comprehensive total solution for smart home is available for customers. The smart controlling system realizes smart indoor-space applications in all aspects, such as the automatic adjustments, remote control, context settings and memory support capabilities used in the devices like smart lightings and smart curtains.  In addition, those applications are able to do automatic self-adjusting to adapt different modes, such as work or rest, according to default settings, user behavior or user preferences, providing more personalized indoor lighting environment.

Glass with BenQ Smart Film inside is able to deliver unique lighting effects by adjusting its matte and see-through functions via connecting to the smart home systems remotely controlled by smartphones. The change of lighting effects allows interior designers with more flexibility to create whatever space atmosphere they like, say the cozy, fashionable style or any other possibilities. The precisely controllable interior lighting effects has been part of the creative outcome of the interior designs, making the home experiences smarter, more comfortable and easier to access to.

The ultimate goal of smart home applications is to liberate people from the repeated daily grind like curtain-drawing and light-switching, and leave people the energy and empty hands for things more valuable to do. With system integration and remote control capabilities, consumers are of more leisure time to relax and enjoy. In January, BenQ Materials had an in-depth dialogue with Aqara Taiwan Jarvis to discuss how smart home integrated system could work with BenQ Smart Film, the smart home applications. With the collaboration, the switchable glass is not just common glass, but the creative smart home solution for new generation.

*Smart Optical Film
Smart Optical Film is a key component of the switchable glass and smart glass commonly used in light-weight partition. Like the household-used lighting switches, the Smart Film displays see-through and matte effects when powered on/off, which protects privacy at home as well as allows extensive and clear visions. Smart Film is easily facilitated and free of limitation of glass shapes, applicable to external windows, glass curtain and arc corners in various kinds of space in both the residential and commercial buildings.

The STARTEK Day is a forum held in STARTEK’s showroom by BenQ Materials and STARTEK, aiming to create a space for feature material experts and interior designers to develop in-depth dialogues and creative ideas regarding smart films and building materials. Listening to the point-of-views from construction industry, the STARTEK Day expects to explore future possibilities of combining smart films and architecture design.

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