A unique anisotropic nano-structure light control film (ANSLCF) developed by BenQ Materials that is flexible, transparent, and capable of display images up to 8K resolution on large-sized screens.

BenQ Materials is committed to developing groundbreaking products for functional film applications. Our cost-efficient light control solutions are designed to adjust light effects and are ideal for various applications, such as flexible screens, wearables, automotive, etc.
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Our NEW ANSLCF double-sided projection film breaks through the limitations of viewing angles and single-sided projections. This was achieved by applying technologies from various fields — including polymers, liquid crystals, nanoparticles, and optical design — together with special manufacturing processes & equipment.

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The dual-image display can show an identical or different image on each side of a screen without cross-interference. 

Key advantages:
  • Excellent image quality, color, contrast ratio, resolution, sharpness offers clear visibility for all viewers.
  • Optimizes a living space no matter where it is; creates a wow effect. 
  • Allows more opportunities for interaction by viewers through the glass.
Learn more about these innovative products in the videos below. Contact us — we’d be delighted to discuss product development opportunities.
According to the IEC-60068-2-2 inspection method, the ANSLCF high-transparency projection film is tested, and the high-temperature tolerance of continuous testing for 240 hours can reach 85 degrees Celsius. good performance.

The various internal verification and optical grade laboratories of BenQ Materials are the basic standards for material science experts to self-require about products. In addition, in order to ensure the reliability of the experimental test data, important relevant data will also be tested by a third-party impartial organization for double verification to ensure product effect and quality consistency.

Ues case
ANSLCF high transparent projection film has excellent chroma and is widely used in various museums, exhibitions, art galleries, technology fields and various commercial applications. It can also be used in clever space to simulate the unique vision of OLED transparent displays, but it does not affect the purchase. Budget, bringing diverse possibilities for the pursuit of high-perspective life.

Use case:NMNS

In April 2022, the cross-annual themed special exhibition "The Moment - Amber Memories" will be held at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. It will display a number of Taiwanese amber specimens and many Jurassic Park movie scenes, including privately collected- "Jurassic Park" Limited Edition No. 6, which impressed the audience.

For each tiny amber exhibit need to be seen, BenQ material ANSLCF high-transparency projection film is honored to cooperate with ITRI to introduce the "transparent projection display system" and identification module in this special exhibition, allowing the audience to experience " Fusion of virtual and real." The world's first "transparent display virtual reality integration interactive system" with real-time, high accuracy and intuitive interactive experience allows visitors to control the image display in the air, and see the tiny creatures in the amber in detail through partial magnification; in addition to interaction Experience, the amber exhibits can still be clearly seen behind the ANSLCF high-transparency projection film.

BenQ Materials ANSLCF high-transparency projection film has recently been widely favored in the fields of innovation, future and virtual reality. We hopes to cooperate with more unlimited imagination of technology and future.


Use case : NTUA

The biennial "2021 Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts- Polyphony Myth" ANSCF is honored to be a sponsor to introduce display options for artists.

In this series of projects, the principal of NTUA is the chief planner of the event, and the curator Luo is the host of the program. It brings together 13 domestic and foreign artists including Lukas Hemleb and Lukas Hanbo, and transmits video works through ANSLCF high-transparency projection film to reflect the creator's perception of the world in the exhibition area. The title of "Polyphony Myth" reveals that this art event is attached to the world, mixed with beautiful imagination, swinging between formality and deviant. 
  • ▲  Entry view
  • ▲ Excellent image quality & color promoted great artwork
Event link:

Use case : TFAM

Right after World War II, the feminist movement, the pop movement, and rock music flourished in 1960s. Young people yearning for liberation were joining a trend of overturning traditions and creating new lives. The famous British fashion designer Mary Quant was also no exception. Mary Quant created fashionable and lively fashion that was affordable for everyone, colliding with traditional thinking, and it was the beginning of the Mary Quant revolution.

The “Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary” exhibition was co-hosted by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), and it was the first Asian stop in the exhibition’s world tour. Looking back on the representative works in her career from 1955 to 1975, Mary Quant was indeed a creativity trailblazer at that time and a role model for professional women around the world. This exhibition covered more than 120 original articles of clothing, fashion dolls, cosmetics, photographs, and fashion magazines to fully demonstrate how Mary Quant created and defined the fashion styles for generations to come.
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Taipei Fine Arts Museum's Current info:
ltem       ANSLCFAB Remark              
Structure HC film/OCA HC film/OCA
High T% Polarizer High T% Polarizer
silicone (AB film)
Total Thickness(um) 540 um± 10 390 um± 10
Optical Property Total Transmittance% (55+/-5%) 57±5 55±5
Haze% 32±5 30±5
Durability 80 °C 500 hr PASS PASS
60 °C/RH90% 500 hr PASS PASS
-30 X/500 hr PASS PASS
-30 ’C - 80 °C/200 cycles PASS PASS
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