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Affected by the global epidemic, telemedicine has increased rapidly, especially with the highest demands for work and medical care. Large-scale paintings and the high contrast and large viewing angles required for telemedicine are the most important key technologies.
BenQ Materials' high-end IPS TV and medical compensation film effectively solve the problem of large viewing angle deviation, improve the fineness and quality of the display, and help the high-resolution requirements of telemedicine and work; applied to high-penetration blue light in 3D printing Polarized light contributes to the curing rate of light in 3D printing, the working efficiency of 3D printers and the effect of finished products.
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The unique high-end IPS compensation film makes the large-size TV display device have an excellent viewing angle. Users can see the display with a nearly 180-degree field of view without dark shadows or color shift effects. The price is very competitive compared to other products in the market; IPS MNT compensation The film is mainly imported from medical-grade monitors, to ensure that the medical information has a clear viewing angle and a true color, so as to facilitate the accurate judgment of medical behavior, and the contrast and color can be adjusted according to the needs of different customers, which is helpful for different medical industries or departments. Different requirements; polarizers specially used for 3D printing have high penetrability, so that UV light reaches 405nm wavelength optical optimization, which improves the light curing speed of 3D printing and the accuracy of finished products.
There is also a special polarized light for sunglasses. In addition to the advantages of enhanced hardness and scratch resistance, the low color shift ensures that the good vision is still clearly visible in outdoor use.
  • DSC_3129
    ▲ Art display with non-reflective texture 
  • DSC_3098
    ▲ Use case for medical display
Mode             Surface Treatment Compensation Film Remark
VA SAG/LR/AR COP/TAC High Transmittance
IPS SAG/LR/AR TAC High Transmittance
TN HC/AG/ASG EWV Butterfly Mura Free
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