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Best option for non-reflective finish
In addition to the requirements of color saturation and visual clarity, various home and gaming monitors are designed to protect users from eye fatigue that may be caused by long-term concentration. Products with high haze and low reflection are created for various LCD monitors.
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BenQ Materials' high-haze and low-reflection products focus on eye protection, and continuously optimize anti-glare and low-reflection surface treatment methods to provide the best eye protection options to meet the needs of various large-size monitors, especially home monitors, gaming monitors, etc. Display items that users will use for a long time. In addition to the development of eye protection priority, high haze texture performance, overcoming the problem of picture lines, and striving for the trend of high value products.
  • dsc_3115
    ▲ Free form cutting manufacturing process can be simulated as a clock with texture
  • dsc_3119
    ▲ 2022 Golden Panel Award- High anti-glare and low-reflection polarizing plate with both eye protection and energy saving effects
Mobe             Surface Treatment Compensation Film Remark
VA SAG/LR/AR COP/TAC High Transmittance
IPS SAG/LR/AR TAC High Transmittance
TN HC/AG/ASG EWV Butterfly Mura Free
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