BenQMaterials Materials Matters Regulatory expertise
BenQ Materials' healthcare business is a global leader in innovative products for both professional and consumer healthcare needs. We prioritize protection and care to ensure better outcomes for medical professionals and patients alike. Our consumer products also focus on providing aesthetic and quality-of-life benefits for everyday healthcare needs. When it comes to medical materials, think BenQ Materials.

Your Go-to for Consulting Services

Whether you are an international brand looking for a trusted ODM/OEM partner or a local medical supplier facing challenges keeping up with evolving regulations, we do the heavy lifting so your journey through regulatory compliance is smooth and easy. We are your trusted consulting partner with extensive experience navigating constantly shifting regulations and tackling high-barrier compliance requirements for devices of all classifications (invasive and non-invasive). Our all-in-one compliance management process starts from product inception through to approval and certification.
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Bespoke Solutions

With expertise in international healthcare regulations, including CE, MDR, FDA, and TFDA certifications, we craft solutions tailored to meet the required standards. Count on us to streamline your compliance efforts and confidently bring your healthcare innovations to market.


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