BenQMaterials Materials Matters Proprietary R&D
BenQ Materials' healthcare business is a global leader in innovative products for both professional and consumer healthcare needs. We prioritize protection and care to ensure better outcomes for medical professionals and patients alike. Our consumer products also focus on providing aesthetic and quality-of-life benefits for everyday healthcare needs. When it comes to medical materials, think BenQ Materials.

Innovative Research and Development

The cornerstone for our product development is a commitment to innovative R&D, which is reflected in our vast library of patents. We have in-house R&D and manufacturing sites worldwide with certified high medical-grade cell and microbiology laboratories. This includes "Angelab," our skin care brand DermaAngel's own skin testing facilities.
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Six Core Technologies

With the support of our medical-grade labs, we focus our R&D on developing groundbreaking products that meet the needs of users. These developments are driven by our expertise in six core technologies: two related to materials (optical and polymer) and four linked to processes (roll-to-roll, lathing, coating, and injection extrusion).


For decades, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of product development through our dedication to innovative R&D. By combining expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and core technologies, we generate synergies that cater to a wide range of requirements across various industries, settings, and production needs.




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