BenQMaterials Materials Matters Global operations
BenQ Materials' healthcare business is a global leader in innovative products for both professional and consumer healthcare needs. We prioritize protection and care to ensure better outcomes for medical professionals and patients alike. Our consumer products also focus on providing aesthetic and quality-of-life benefits for everyday healthcare needs. When it comes to medical materials, think BenQ Materials.

Diversified Presence

Headquartered in Taiwan, BenQ Materials seamlessly integrates the precision and innovations of Taiwan's renowned high-tech industry into medical products manufacturing. With research centers and production facilities strategically located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, we have in place a diverse regional presence to effectively serve our customers.

Satisfy Customer Needs

Our extensive network of sales and support offices as well as twelve advanced factories across the globe ensure reliable delivery of mission-critical medical solutions to customers worldwide, including medical device manufacturers, hospitals, dental services, and other healthcare industry participants.We understand the importance of timely delivery and work closely with local supply chains and resources to consistently meet the demands of our customers.


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