BenQMaterials Materials Matters Group synergies
BenQ Materials' healthcare business is a global leader in innovative products for both professional and consumer healthcare needs. We prioritize protection and care to ensure better outcomes for medical professionals and patients alike. Our consumer products also focus on providing aesthetic and quality-of-life benefits for everyday healthcare needs. When it comes to medical materials, think BenQ Materials.

Multi-integration Capabilities

BenQ Materials, as a member of the BenQ Group, benefits from an integrated value chain that spans various industries, including biotech, medical technology, consumer electronics, optoelectronics, systems integration, and energy solutions. The BenQ Group's strategic positioning in the healthcare sector focuses on healthcare services, medical equipment and supplies, blood dialysis, and smart healthcare. Our affiliation with over ten group companies enables us to create a collaborative ecosystem that capitalizes on synergistic opportunities and translates into exceptional value for our customers. We drive growth and unlock commercial advantages for our healthcare business through a multifaceted approach of mergers and acquisitions, agency partnerships, and in-house R&D and manufacturing.

Global Business with Multiple Services

With a global presence and a customer base in over 130 countries, the BenQ Group collectively serves diverse industries and sectors, generating annual revenues in excess of USD25 billion in 2022. The scaling up of our healthcare business into a conglomerate of its own has contributed to the doubling of Group profits over the past eight years, and we remain committed to pressing forward on this momentum.


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