The cornerstone of corporate development – cultivating talent

June 29, 2022

Fostering talent is key to success for corporations. A company can better respond to market and operational challenges to achieve its strategic goals by well-planned deployment of its key human resources. In line with BenQ Materials‘ development of a “multi-product, multi-technology and multi-application” strategy, great importance is attached to cultivating people by creating a diversified learning environment through a comprehensive talent policy.

With an understanding of the importance of talent development, BenQ Materials has established a systematic staff learning mechanism and set up a talent development system based on three major functions — namely core, management, and professional functions. These aim to enable employees to develop various professional skills through multi-faceted learning.

The nurturing of core functions allows employees to better understand the company's core value, including innovation, customer orientation and responsibility, and strengthen their connection to the company.

In terms of management and professional functions, BenQ Materials continues to encourage self-learning among its staff, supporting them with comprehensive internal and external training resources. Employees can pursue their studies anytime through online course platforms, including the external “CommonWealth Innovation Academy” and internal online learning management system. These two digital platforms offer a wide range of business, marketing and management-related courses. The multi-faceted content not only helps staff strengthen their professional and management skills, but also enhances their cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Against a backdrop where employees can learn on their own, BenQ Materials also places great emphasis on feedback from employees. For courses with below-average ratings, organizers seek suggestions from attendees and make adjustments in a timely manner to ensure that each class meets the expectations and needs of attendees. In addition to valuing employee feedback, senior executives are encouraged to set an example by acting as course instructors to impart their knowledge, which not only enhances internal communication but also provides more learning resources for colleagues.

Further strengthening the development of its talent pool, BenQ Materials also established a comprehensive talent development plan, which combines physical courses, case seminars, senior mentors and job rotations to nurture future business unit managers. Moreover, the company supports its annual "Q Seed Summer Internship" to encourage high-potential talents to serve as dedicated mentors to interns, guiding them to complete their assigned internship projects. In return, mentors get to enhance their leadership skills.

To provide employees with more opportunities for applying their cross-disciplinary knowledge in the workplace, BenQ Materials offers a comprehensive internal transfer system to promote the retention of talented people and accelerate their development through job rotation. The company encourages internal recruitment and has established a transparent platform for the internal transfer of vacancies. Whether it is a cross-departmental or cross-functional transfer, it gives staff the opportunity to gain exposure to different areas of expertise and expand their capabilities. The flexibility of internal rotation also provides each department with more channels to select talents and accelerate business development through complete talent deployment.

Complementary to the nurturing and retention of talent, BenQ Materials also emphasizes diversity in the workplace. The company promotes gender equality and cultural diversity that fosters tolerance and respect. Related policies including ensuring that management processes do not discriminate on the basis of gender or age, and promoting pregnancy and childbirth benefits for female employees. Furthermore, the company continues to enhance its talent diversity by recruiting people from overseas and strengthening its international presence.

In a highly competitive environment, BenQ Materials is committed to keeping employees up to date and enthusiastic about learning. Talent is the most important capital of a company, and only through the establishment of a comprehensive and quality talent cultivation system and a diverse and friendly workplace can employees be motivated to do their best work and learn.

Looking ahead, BenQ Materials will continue to promote various talent cultivation policies and guidelines to add further weight to the role of its employees in driving the company's growth.