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BenQ Materials Honored with Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Award

At the core of BenQ Materials’ commitment to creating impact through innovative products and processes that uphold ESG principles lies its guiding ethos of “Live with Innovation.” This sustainable corporate strategy was recently honored with the “Comprehensive Performance – Exemplary Award” at the 20th Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Award.

Aligning with Global Sustainability Goals
Following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have formulated clear strategies and measurable targets across six key areas: Responsible Governance, Responsible Product, Environmental Sustainability, Partnership, Friendly Workplace, and Social Participation. Our commitment extends to achieving RE100 status by 2040 and net-zero emissions by 2050. And our active promotion of circular economy principles and green manufacturing processes paves the way to support those objectives.

Materials Science Expertise for Sustainability
As a leading authority in materials science, BenQ Materials is constantly optimizing manufacturing processes and technologies, notably becoming the first company in Taiwan to attain carbon offsets by transitioning from electricity to steam for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). In a pioneering move, we introduced an internal carbon fee system in 2022, pooling resources from the carbon fee to invest in energy-saving and carbon reduction projects. We have also extended our sustainability efforts to our supply-chain partners, collectively aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 5% annually.


Green Products and Innovation
Leveraging a robust R&D infrastructure for product innovation, we have introduced groundbreaking eco-friendly products such as the Ocean Waste Recycled Yarn Functional Fabric. A winner of the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, this fabric repurposes waste fishing nets into recycled yarns, reducing the carbon footprint of raw material usage by nearly 30%. Another noteworthy creation is our in-house developed switchable glass, which received the Green Building Materials Certification in Taiwan for its ability to isolate infrared and ultraviolet rays and lower indoor temperatures by 2-5°C, thereby reducing electricity consumption and carbon emissions.


Investing in People and Social Prosperity
In fostering a friendly workplace and taking action on social responsibility, we prioritize transparent communication, diversity, and mutual trust among our people. Employee well-being is promoted through an internal polling app, supportive resources are provided to foreign employees settling in Taiwan, and maternity leave and post-partum benefits go above and beyond what is required by law. And through initiatives like Science Camp and the Vision HOPE Project, we have positively impacted over 3,000 children from rural, underserved communities.


The Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Award, established in 2005 and celebrating its 20th edition in 2024, stands as Taiwan’s foremost CSR and ESG accolade, and is lauded for its credibility. The 2024 edition saw a 35% surge in entries, with 116 contenders fiercely vying for the final round. BenQ Materials’ inaugural participation culminated in winning the “Comprehensive Performance – Exemplary Award,” solidifying its position as a green industry trailblazer in the Electronics and Technology sector.

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