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BenQ Materials Recognized as Best Employer Brand — Cultivating MVPs with Exceptional EVP

At BenQ Materials, we’re committed to creating a diverse and thriving workplace where every employee is a Most Valued Player (MVP). By listening to their needs and providing opportunities for growth, the company nurtures physical and mental well-being, as well as work-life balance.

This commitment has earned BenQ Materials recognition as a “Best Employer Brand” in the inaugural Employer Brand Awards organized by 104 Corporation, a leading online recruitment platform in Taiwan. The accolade ranks us in the top 10% among the almost 445 corporate contenders.

A Win-Win Workplace
We strive to distinguish ourselves through the relentless cultivation of our Employee Value Proposition (EVP): “Unlimited Career Growth, Diverse Career Development.”

Our belief is that a friendly and flexible work environment is key to attracting and retaining top talent. To achieve this, our people enjoy flexible working hours, monthly childcare allowances, and a maternity leave policy of 12 weeks of fully paid leave, which is in excess of local regulatory requirements.

Additionally, a variety of clubs and sporting activities, such as basketball, yoga, and aerobic boxing, are available to promote physical and mental health. This also includes on-site physiotherapy.

Physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy and energized, our people rate their satisfaction highly, scoring a satisfaction rate on “work content and environment” of 88% in a 2023 Employee Satisfaction Survey.


Diverse Opportunities for Personal Growth
BenQ Materials values the development of its employees as a key element for the company’s continued prosperity. To action this, we have developed a comprehensive training system that caters to individual needs and career goals.

A credit system was launched in 2023 that allows employees to take courses in business management, science and technology, and sustainability. Along with a diverse curriculum, every employee has a personalized learning map based on their job function to guide their professional development and put skills into practice.

To accelerate the cultivation of new-generation talents, we offer internship programs to help students gain real-world experience. Furthermore, we recognize the value of industry-academia collaborations in producing the next cutting-edge innovations, so we foster such partnerships with several academic institutions.

In 2023, BenQ Materials’ total funding for talent development amounted to NT$6.2 million. By providing a diverse and extensive training program, encouraging progressive skills development, and facilitating industry-academia collaborations, we’re creating an optimal environment for our people to learn and grow, addressing their personal career development needs.


Environmental and Social Impact
Our community and environmental engagements are guided by the principle that “society’s resources should be used to enrich society as a whole.” For over a decade, we have been supporting underprivileged children through initiatives such as the “Vision HOPE Project,” which provides free optometry and spectacles for kids in need.

In support of disadvantaged groups in society, we also donate medical products and sports equipment to various foundations, hospitals, and schools both domestically and internationally.

And our Science Camp, run by employee volunteers to teach science in rural elementary schools, has seen a 16% increase in positive changes in participated students in 2023.

On the environmental front, our annual tree-planting event, now in its 12th consecutive year, is a crowd favorite. Employees and their families participate in planting saplings by hand — so far, nearly 10,000 trees have been planted, contributing to our overall net zero carbon emissions goals.

In support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2): Zero Hunger, which prioritizes nutrition, food security, and sustainable agriculture, we purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers for use in our own canteens. These efforts to empower small-scale agricultural producers have garnered a Silver Award from the Taiwan Agrifood Action Support Program.


EVP that Resonates with Every MVP
We believe that the key to attracting and retaining top talent is to share the company’s values and translate the vision, mission, and goals into concrete and implementable strategies. And we remain committed to creating a positive workplace culture that aligns with our Employee Value Proposition of enabling every employee to fully unleash their potential and thrive.

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