Maintaining Occupational Health and Safety

August 26, 2021

Providing a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace is a fundamental commitment we have to our employees. In line with our goal of “zero workplace accidents and injuries”, we aim to provide a secure and friendly environment for our employees.

Since 2005, BenQ Materials has obtained OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety assessment series) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certifications. We are compliant with the provisions of ISO 45001:2018 and continue to implement various safety and health measures, assessments, and evaluations.

In view of this, our factories have developed policies in accordance with local business requirements and regional laws and regulations with the aim of adhering to our primary “zero workplace accidents and injuries” directive. Specific risk assessment, safety advocacy, and contractor management policies are therefore in place.

Risk assessment

Regular inspection of operating equipment, procedures, and potential hazard factors are conducted by each department on an annual basis. With due consideration of the measures in place, the overall environmental safety risks are evaluated and graded, and the risks in the production process are managed for improvement. These include machine guards to prevent injuries, such as pinches, cuts or amputations, and photoelectric sensor equipment to identify potential risks so that preventive measures can be taken at an early stage to ensure a safe working environment.

Safety advocacy

Employees have an important role to play in ensuring safe work practices. Many accidents that occur on the job are avoidable; therefore, our employees’ safety awareness and disaster-response readiness form the cornerstone of workplace safety. For newcomers, we conduct environmental safety education so that all personnel pass relevant safety training before entering a plant. Monthly environmental safety meetings, fire drills, and emergency disaster response drills are also held regularly to ensure that all employees can complete evacuation procedures in the event of an accident. As a reminder of safety awareness in all factory areas, instructional posters and warning signs are displayed and voice broadcasts are made as well.

Contractor management

For the safety of our employees and those who enter our premises, all outsourced contractors must successfully complete our workplace safety training before commencing work. Furthermore, qualified supervisors are strictly screened before outsourced projects are awarded so as to uphold quality and safety standards.

A safety-first ethos is grounded not only on having safety and disaster prevention measures in place but works best when there is communication and cooperation between employees and management.

In 2020, disability injury cases improved significantly compared to 2019 in terms of the severity of injury and days of lost work, while no injury cases were recorded by contractors throughout the year. Our factory in Yunlin registered 3,640 days free of incidents (January 1, 2011 to December 18, 2020), a significant milestone achieved through our collective team effort, and one which garnered the Yunlin County Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award.

Ensuring the safety of employees, service providers and contractors is a vital corporate responsibility at BenQ Materials. We continue to advocate for environmental safety improvements as we strive for a workplace free of accidents and injuries through the joint efforts of our team.