Patent Outcome Actual Product Application
Structural optimization Reduction of raw materials (decrease of film thickness of polarizer, reduction of coating layers of isolation film)
Reduction of size (Anscare products designed to have compact and stylish appearance and convenient for portable carrying)
Eco-friendly raw materials Use of solvent-free adhesive (polarizer)
Use of adhesive without organic solvent (optical film)
Use solvent-free technique (isolation film)
Reduction of adhesive coating process, solvent-free bonding, reduction of use of plastic material (sterile packaging material)
100% of products without containing PFCs material (Xpore)
Product safety Obtain quality certification according to different product properties (products of four main product lines)
Product packaging materials reduction Reduction of packaging material, increase transportation loading capacity (polarizer packaging material reduction/pallet recovery, DermaAngel with packaging reduction design and use of FSC)
Low-impact elements Improvement solution for process waste reduction (polarizer)
Product manufacturing via solvent-free process (Xpore)
Recyclable materials Use of recycled raw materials (Xpore)

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