OGS (One Glass Solution) and for autos
ASF has the functions of eye protection, anti-glare and anti-reflection, which assists in the protection of touch elements, liquid crystal modules and cover glass of the touch panel.
Product Categories
BenQ material explosion-proof film is used in various touch displays, including electronic paper, vehicle hollow displays, smart mobile displays, notebooks, etc. Corresponding to different application requirements, BenQ Materials provides ASF, AG, HCLR and other options, which are widely used in various consumer markets such as work, vehicle and entertainment.
▲ E-paper structure
▲ Car display structure
▲ Smart mobile and central control display structure
▲ NB display structure
Ues case
BenQ Materials is an important partner of global display indicator manufacturers. The main products are supplied to manufacturers for AUO, E Ink, RVs, RVs, electric vehicles and other car models at all levels, and are imported into the models of internationally renowned car manufacturers such as TOYOTA, Great Wall Motor, SAIC Group, and BYD Automobile.
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BenQ Out-Side ASF      
Materials HC HCLR          AG7           AG14       
Haze < 1% < 1% 7% 14%
Hardness 3H 2H 3H 3H
Reflection - <1.3% - -
Contact Angle ≥ 100° ≥ 90° 90~100° 90~100°
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