Important optical materials for touch panels and displays
The entire series of BenQ materials' OCA products are produced by solvent-free UV light curing process. There is no harmful solvent volatilization and no residue in the product during the process. The curing process adopts high-efficiency UV LED light source, and the curing speed and energy efficiency are better than traditional high-pressure mercury lamps. It conforms to the characteristics of green chemical products such as high energy efficiency, non-toxicity, environmental friendliness, and reaction under normal temperature and pressure.
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1. OCA膠與顯示器 觸控面板材料組成結構



OCA adhesives (Optically clear acrylic adhesives) are key materials for touch panels and displays independently developed by "polymer synthesis" among the six core technologies of BenQ Materials. It has excellent optical clarity, high adhesion, high weather resistance and no acid etching. Low corrosiveness to ITO and excellent filling properties. With the full lamination process, the brightness, contrast and visibility of the display screen under strong light can be greatly improved.
BenQ Materials currently has products such as full-laminated optical adhesives, plastic-board laminated optical adhesives, low-dielectric optical adhesives, automotive/high-weather-resistant optical adhesives, and integrated black optical adhesives, which correspond to smart life applications such as in-vehicle, mobile, home and work.

The whole series of BenQ materials OCA adhesive adopts a solvent-free coating process, no harmful solvent volatilization, no VOC and other compounds residues, and meets the low-carbon emission requirements. The whole process of low temperature UV LED light curing process, rigorous high energy efficiency and fast curing, is superior to traditional high pressure mercury lamps, improves production efficiency, and is in line with high energy efficiency, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and green chemical products that react at room temperature and pressure.
  • Good level difference filling performance, no rebound bubbles.
  • Good weather resistance, no yellowing (high temperature 85℃, high temperature and humidity 85℃/85%RH, >500 hours)
  • Prevent PC/PMMA plastic board from outgassing and foaming at high temperature
  • Low dielectric (Dk < 3.0 @100MHz), effectively improving the operating sensitivity of the cover-integrated touch panel.
  • 250~365nm UV blocking, effectively prevent the display screen from being degraded by UV light.
  • Resistant to solar radiation, in line with DIN 75220 automotive specifications.
  • Low storage modulus, effectively preventing the panel from sticking to Mura.
  • Customizable penetration rate (50%~90%), perfect integration of screen black effect.
  • 250~365nm UV blocking, effectively prevent the display screen from being degraded by UV light.
  • Resistant to solar radiation, in line with DIN 75220 automotive specifications.
core competency
In addition to providing the best polymer structure products, the OCA team of BenQ Materials also provides various customized solutions for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other displays, touch panels and vehicle panels. In material design, unique precision coating technology and fast and mass production to provide customers with the best solution in real time.

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Product B1 series B2 series B3 series B5 series
B123 B201 B221 B303 B501 B502 B503
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Non Solvent
Non UV
Low Acid
PMMA/PC Compatible - - - - - -
Step Coverage -
Low DkValue - - - - - -
UV cut off - - - -
Integrated Black - - - - - -
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