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The best solution for privacy and IR cut
BenQ materials’ PDLC Smart Optical Film can effectively protect your privacy by displaying see-through and matte effects when powered on/off, enhance energy saving with heat insulation and ultraviolet light isolation, allows better in-car interior space owing to high see-through from car sunroof as well as privacy, and capture high visibility in the global EV trend due to its adaptation of dynamic technology advances. With capabilities of allowing EV to realize aesthetics in future sense and excellent weather resistance under compliance of manufacturing safety specifications.
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Sunroof solutions in automotive
As EV industry evolves rapidly, vehicle interior space applications increasingly focus on the development of multiple functions, particularly the energy consumption enhancement. BenQ Materials, in addition to in-door and out-door building applications, expands to vehicle specific applications and successfully develops vehicle specific PDLC that achieves 70% see-through effect when power-on and 95% matte privacy effect when power-off, demonstrating 99% anti-UV and 90% anti-infrared capabilities that allow users to enjoy pleasant and safe driving environment as well as lower energy consumption. BenQ Materials PDLC Smart Optical Films becomes one of the flagship products that attract car manufacturers at home and abroad to follow.
BengQ Materials owns diverse product portfolio and is able to provide tailor-made circular telegrams in different exterior designs and compliant to different safety specification, as well as the best compliant products with excellent heat resistance and insulation efficiency to help clients to respond to market.


The current product structure offers "adhesive" and "laminated" film. The adhesive film is suitable for renovating existing interior space on glass or acrylic depending on needs, while the laminated film is suitable for new space as it combines the PDLC Smart Film with glass through lamination, providing better protection than the adhesive film. These two products aim to provide diverse applications in the home, mobile, as well as commercial spaces, fulfilling the needs to switch between privacy and space, providing flexible scenarios for spatial application.

▲ PDLC Smart Film power-on/power-off diagram





The adhesive film is suitable for renovating existing interior space on glass or acrylic depending on needs, while the laminated film is suitable for new space as it is laminated on glass, providing better protection than the adhesive film.

When the power is switched on, the liquid crystal polymers are neatly arranged, allowing the light to penetrate evenly, showing clear-glass-transparency. When the power is switched off, the liquid crystal polymers are irregularly arranged with light scattered in all directions, showing frosted-glass-matte effect.




4. 三大原則
At BenQ Materials, our internal verification and optical-grade laboratories offer the basic standards for product requirements by material science experts. In addition, to ensure the reliability of the tests, important data will be sent to a third part impartial organizations for double verification, ensuring the consistency of the product and quality.

As the PDLC Smart Film is made through a complex process, we must send our PDLC products to a testing & verification platform endorsed by national standards agencies to carry out high-standard experiments and tests. Furthermore, we have also invested in a laboratory designed to simulate the actual use of the product, which requires long-term testing & verification. This approach helps us ensure that we bring energy-saving benefits to our customers. Meanwhile, the PDLC products have passed the national criteria for green building materials and have obtained the environmental label for green building materials.

According to the data, the PDLC Smart Film can effectively block UV and heat in building spaces, making it a new option for all types of spaces and building materials. Moreover, as we insist on our products being friendly to the human body, during the green process of product manufacturing, we strictly adhere to the "3 no's", namely "no formaldehyde", "no heavy metals", and "no radioactive substances". Green building products are becoming the best new option for saving energy as well as reducing carbon.
6. 位於國立成功大學之綠色建材實驗屋
▲ Our green demo house in National Cheng Kung University
▲ Actual test of the PDLC Smart Film on glass in the laboratory
Along with the rapid global development of electric vehicles, the development of applications of parts in interior car cabins has been heading towards multi-functional requirements, led by energy saving and a reduction of energy consumption by on-board electronics. In addition to BenQ Materials PDLC small window film widely used as an indoor and outdoor building material, the PDLC smart window film exclusively for vehicle applications has also been developed featuring a power-on transparency of 70% or more, a power-off privacy opacity of 99%, a UV resistance of 99%, and an IR resistance of 87%. It can create a safe and comfortable driving environment for car cabin users while reducing the energy consumption by on-board electronics. Therefore, it has become the key product drawing attention from both domestic and foreign indexed automobile makers.

With the PDLC Smart Film flexibly applied to living spaces, commercial spaces, buildings, and car spaces, it brings endless possibilities to life.

▲ Bathroom

▲ Glass curtain wall

▲ Capsule office

  Laminated-glass Type Self-adhesive Type
Flim Series PDLC 97 (WH) PDLC 97 (WH) PDLC 97 EX(GR) PDLC 97 EX(BR)
Thickness 0.11 mm 0.26 mm 0.33 mm 0.33 mm
Operation Mode On : Transparent / Off: Opaque
Maximum 1,500 mm x 3,000mm

Optical Property
Visible Light Transmitt ance > 87% (On) 
> 76% (Off)
> 87% (On)
> 76% (Off)
> 66% (On) 
> 58% (Off)
> 36% (On) 
> 31% (Off)
Haze < 4% (On) 
> 97% (Off)
< 4% (On)
> 97% (Off)
< 5% (On)
>97% (Off)
< 5% (On)
>97% (Off)
View Angle 160°
UV-cut 17% 98% 99% 99%
IR-cut 60% 60% 87% 87%
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) - - 0.49 (On)
0.40 (Off)
0.38 (On)
0.32 (Off)

Electncd Property
Operation Voltage 48V (AC)
Frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power Consumption 5-10 W/m²
Response Time Off to On :< 10 ms / On to Off :< 200 ms
Operation Temperature -10 ~ 60°c
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 65°c

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