Various Display Applications

Provide customized molds and large width molding solutions
Especially for the mold processing and molding process development of optical prototype components, it provides the optical structure required by customers, changes the optical path, corresponds to various applications of large-size curved displays, and provides naked-view 3D solutions to meet the needs of the end market.
Product Categories

BenQ Materials' patented microstructure processing and molding technology is an application through substrate and UV processing. In addition to providing solutions with polarizer projects, processing options are also available.
Processing projects include "one-dimensional distribution structure, two-dimensional distribution structure, micro-groove application, multi-angle processing technology, appearance parts processing" and many other applications, changing the visual effect of the display, in the anti-peeping requirements of the vehicle display, anti-reflection of the general display, solving The large-view role and the demand for curved displays play a key role.
Save environmental conditions Save time
Temperature 20°C±10°C
6 months
Humidity(%) 65%±15%
▲ Precision carving preservation conditions
Project Test Results
Grid pass
Hardness H以下
▲ Characteristic test
RA(500H) YI
60°C/90% ≤10
80°C ≤10
-40°C ≤10
85°C/85% ≤10
▲ RA test

eye 3D solution
It is made of Lenticular Lens Film through optical design, through precise engraving → curing molding → cutting → lamination
Can be designed for panel specifications, resolution PPI, required size, pixel arrangement, viewing distance, and desired number of layers

Existing Finished Applications:

 Eye Tracking Naked Vision 3D Display

  • Size:10.1”
  • Panel resolution:1920x1080
  • View number 2view+Eyes tracking
  • Real time rendering 3D image
  • Can be integrated with touch
Naked Vision 3D Ordering Machine
  • Size: 15.6”
  • Panel resolution: 1920x1080
  • Number of Views: 9views (recommended for single use)
  • Other functions:
  • Capacitive floating touch (Single touch): 3~5cm, waterproof

Terminal application naked 3D photo frame
  • Size: 7.9”
  • Panel resolution: 4K
  • View number 49view (holographic)
  • Other functions:
Can be connected to Bluetooth, built-in speaker, Android system
Specification PC film PC film + UV glue
Thickness 125um  
Effective width 730mm  
Refractive index 1.6 1.5785 / 1.6162 / 1.6495
Specification PMMA film PMMA film + UV glue
Thickness 40um  
Effective width 1.5  
Refractive index 1.5 1.51
N1+N2 (UV) 1.61+1.51
Specification PET film PET film + UV glue
Thickness 100um 125um 188um 100um 125um 188um
Effective width 1000um 900um 900um      
Refractive index 1.6 1.6 1.6      
low refractive index       1.5
high refractive index       1.5785 / 1.6162 / 1.6495
N1+N2 (UV)       1.6162+1.5 / 1.6495+1.5

3D Lenticcular
Application Machining forming technology
Mobile 4.7"、5.8" Lens Direct Engraving Mould
Double layer UV glue forming
Display 15.6"、27"、65" Lens Mold
Single/double layer UV glue forming
Kanban 65"、85"、98" Seamless Dies
Single/double layer UV glue forming

Application Machining forming technology
Display 15" Curvature diamond lens
Single layer UV glue forming
Display 17" MicroDot Straight Machining
Single layer UV glue forming

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