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Mobility Entertainment – A New Era for Displays

The future of driving is getting smarter by the minute! With self-driving cars and advanced displays gaining popularity, the automotive industry is seeing exciting new changes in the in-car experience. From large, multi-screen displays to the "screenification" of in-car entertainment, evolving technologies are opening up new possibilities in this exciting space.

What's driving the future?
At this year's Touch Taiwan, BenQ Materials introduced "Mobility Entertainment" display material solutions and showcased a number of exclusive products, including the newest and one-of-a-kind "Blended Display" provides customized appearances and a realistic touch-feel thanks to a special coating technology. Additionally, the newly developed Ambient Contrast Ratio (CR) Enhancement Projection Film can naturally displays colors even under strong light.

Eye-catching display innovations
Take a look at BenQ Materials’ latest in-vehicle display solutions in this video!


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