Build a Better Future

We are Deeply Committed to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Values

Sustainable development is at the core of how we do business at BenQ Materials. From product invention to manufacturing processes, it informs our thinking on the balance between the environment and product life cycles. Join us in the business of building a world where our people, our company, and the environment thrive together through the application of materials science technology.

Low-carbon Green Energy and Sustainable development

Results of a low-carbon strategy*

  • Energy Management
  • 196 million KWH less power used
  • Emissions Control
  • 1,511 tons of VOCs emissions reduced
  • Water Savings
  • 79% reduction in waste water discharge
  • Greenhouse Gas Management
  • 127,302 tons of CO2 reduction
  • Waste Recycling
  • 100,427 tons of waste recycled

* 2009-2019, except emissions control and waste recycling for 2008-2019.

Caring for Our Environment & Community

  • Environment
  • Taiwan food and agricultural support
  • Beach cleanups in Dayuan District
  • Green parties
  • Ecological restoration

  • Education
  • Science camp
  • BenQ Materials scholarships

  • Community
  • Free eye glasses for underprivileged children
  • Expert talks promoting eyes care knowledge and free vision tests for underprivileged children