Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Management Policy

As a global citizen, social and environmental responsibilities are core values of our company. From our perspective, this means healthy and sustainable company management that takes into consideration a balance of profits amongst stakeholders, a commitment to environmental protection, and a focus on community participation. Our mandate as a sensible and responsible citizen of the business community is our commitment to innovation, talent cultivation, producing the best-in-class products, and the pursuit of profits and growth while keeping the interests of staff, shareholders and the community in mind.


Talent Development and Employee Relations

Talent Development 
We value the training and career development of our employees. To provide a detailed career development plan, we provide vast resources for staff training. Training for new hires starts from their first day of employment. The company’s management philosophy, including our social responsibilities, beliefs and related policies are explained. For managers and senior staff, we also organize basic management training, fundamental and advanced professional training, and supervisor training programs. This training is available to all eligible employees and provides them an opportunity to sharpen their professional learning and management skills. 


Employee Relations
We have in place multi-directional communication channels within the company. Employees can choose to identify themselves when they provide comments, or they can remain anonymous. As a result, any concerns that employees have can be resolved in an effective and efficient way. 


Employee Welfare and Health Awareness

Employee Welfare
At BenQ Materials, employee welfare is a top priority. We believe that a comprehensive compensation and welfare system helps to attract the best people. We are committed to providing employees with a safe and comfortable working environment along with equal opportunities for career development. Our competitive compensation and welfare policies reflect this. Employee wages are determined by academic background, professional experience and individual performance. At the same time, employee compensation is regulated by applicable laws related to minimum wage and statutory welfare obligations.


Health Awareness
We safeguard our employees’ physical health with a comprehensive program that includes physical check-ups as well as medical and preventive care facilities. Each of our factories is equipped with a wellness center where registered nurses reside to offer comprehensive medical assistance. We also partner with professional medical centers to provide testing for various kinds of diseases, administer influenza vaccines, and participate in health forums. Equally important is mental health. A variety of facilities are available to help our employees relax and to relieve stress. A wellness center, library, ‘Energy Annex’ and massage room are available so they can enjoy recreational space and enrich themselves during downtime.



Occupational Safety and Health

Providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment is one of the essential requirements of BenQ Materials. OSH risk assessment and identification are implemented according to OHSAS 18001 and TOSHMS ESH operation fundamentals to determine preventive measures and control methods to mitigate occupational hazards. “Zero Hazard and Zero Occupational Injury” is our primary goal. All our plants set up their own ESH Management Plans for hazard prevention, spontaneous inspections, training, working environment monitoring, supplier management, as well as health control and promotional activities. An Emergency Response Center, available 24 hours a day, has been established to address contingencies. Emergency response plans are in place to carry out preventive training activities.



Community Care and Charity

Our involvement in the community and events for charity are led by the BenQ Foundation. We are committed to reducing the digital divide and fostering the next generation of talent. To that end, we hold digital-innovation competitions each year to foster original innovation. Furthermore, as part of our environmental care initiatives, our employees come together to organize tree-planting events and rice paddy field adoptions.

Community Care and Charity