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Hemostatic Series

Hemostatic Series

ChitoClot Series


Clinical Use

ChitoClot Pad has excellent biocompatibility, high liquid absorption capacity, and ability to promote blood coagulation. Fine pore size (100-300μm) of the sponge structure enhances liquid absorption. Experiments indicated that the absorption rate can be up to 30 times. Furthermore, the cationic group (-NH3+) on chitosan structure significantly accelerates the aggregation of negatively charged platelets, thus facilitates blood coagulation.
ChitoClot Pad has been used in many surgeries, such as femoral arterial or radial arterial hemostasis after cardiac catheterization.


Emergency Use
ChitoClot Gauze
and ChitoClot Bandage are particularly designed for all kinds of emergency conditions, which are widely applied to military, law enforcement, fire ground, outdoor activities, and occupational injuries. 100% chitosan non-woven transforms to gel after liquid absorption to provide fast and effective bleeding control.