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3D Display

3D Display

To provide you the most convenient and highest C/P value 3D solution. By using lenticular lens film technology, all you see is stereoscopic pictures without wearing glasses, and no need to adjust the brightness level since barely no brightness decay. Its power consumption is relatively low comparing to other 3D solutions.

This product can be applied to all kinds of public display products, no matter it’s a commercial signage or a bulletin board. Instead of watching normal 2Dcommercial advertisement, people will absolutely be attracted by the image popping out from the screen. The commercial benefit is better than a normal 2D public information display. It is also good to apply to medical or educational display devices, even gaming machines.

3D technology classification


Basic structure


Glasses free
Low loss in brightness
Power saving

Product specification

Panel size Panel format Resolution View number View distance
46" 16:09 1920x1080 8 2m
24" 16:09 1920x1080 5 70cm
22" 16:09 1920x1080 5 70cm
17" 16:10 1920x1200 5 60cm
8" 04:03 800x600 5 80cm
Customized lenticular lens film will be also available


Digital signage
Digital photo frame
Gaming machine
Arcade game
Mobile device