2022 ESG Partners Conference — Joining forces for a greener future, building towards net zero

March 22, 2022

At BenQ Materials, we are committed to sustainable development. We focus not only on our own ESG development to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations, but also recognize that corporate sustainability requires a mindset of extensive alliances to expand our influence on environmental issues. In line with the global trend of a sustainable supply chain, we aim to optimize resource efficiencies by linking our upstream, midstream and downstream suppliers in implementing sustainable practices.

On March 5th, we hosted the “2022 ESG Partners Conference” and invited almost 40 partners from 20 companies, including those from our medical brand SIGMA, to discuss sustainable collaboration. Coinciding with our annual “Green Party”, we also invited the partners to join our team members and their families in planting trees at our Yunlin site. All in all, the event exemplified BenQ Materials’ determination to work with our valuable supply-chain partners in shaping a greener future.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Joining forces for a greener future, building towards net zero”. The goal was to encourage our partners to follow net-zero sustainable supply chain practices in line with a global movement of advocating for a low-carbon transformation and strengthening the resilience of the supply chain.

Our Chairman, Z.C. Chen, addressed the opening event and shared BenQ Materials’ key ESG management policies, illuminating our goal of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Meanwhile, the President of BenQ Materials, Ray Liu, talked about the changes in the global market over the next decade in response to accelerated climate change. He proposed ways for BenQ Materials to work with our partners to enhance product re-usage and recycling efficiency. This could be achieved with green products and manufacturing methods that create a circular economy, and further developing the next generation of sustainable products.

The Director of our Materials & Logistics Division, Chris Wu, shared BenQ Materials’ blueprint for low-carbon and energy management, social and employee care, and sustainable supply-chain development. These are cornerstones of BenQ Materials’ main initiatives towards green supply-chain management.

Also in attendance were two guest speakers from different industry backgrounds who shared their sustainable management programs and applications. Mr. Jimbo, Director of Mitsui & Co. in Taiwan, which is one of our supplier partners, shared his company’s ESG planning experiences and successful case studies. To elevate social engagement and connections, this year we also invited a local partner, Mr. Hsu, the Chairman of Taiwan Good Coffee, to discuss the use of technology-based agricultural management in developing environmentally friendly business modes through smart harvesting.

The one-day event brought BenQ Materials and our partner together to share their ideas and global trends in sustainable governance, which serves as a foundation for building sustainable supply chains. We believe that supply-chain cooperation should move forward with a clearly defined goal to bolster the resilience of cooperation and further uplift social development under rapidly changing global situations and potential risks.

BenQ Materials will continue to strengthen its management of supply-chain risks and promote digital transformation to link our suppliers and customers in tackling the challenges of sustainable business operations in the future.