Sustainable and Fashionable! Xpore Awarded by ISPO and GRS Certificate

February 26, 2022

Xpore has won 3 ISPO Textrends Top Ten awards. Amongst the products, 2 were eco-friendly textiles made with pineapple leaf fiber that has drawn many people's attention.


Xpore, a brand that provides waterproof breathable textile solutions, has done remarkably in the first quarter. Not only did it win 3 Textrends Top Ten awards at ISPO Munich, the world’s largest and most influential award for outdoor and sports industry goods. It also received a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate. Xpore’s dedication to sustainable development and fabric performance has been internationally recognized.

The ISPO Award was established in 2013. Each year, experts around the world are invited to judge the most stylish functional fabrics. Since Xpore was founded, it has won this award for 3 years in a row. After winning Best Product in 2021, Xpore won 3 ISPO Textrends Top Ten awards and 11 ISPO Textrends Selection awards this year.

Winning Awards for PALFs and Sustainable Performance Textiles

Waterproof breathable textile made of cationic dyeable polyester with uniqueweave pattern.


Amongst the 3 products that won the ISPO Textrends Top Ten award, 2 were made with pineapple leaf fiber. Every year, 87 million tons of pineapple leaf waste are generated across the world. After going through a complex process of degumming, drying, combining and lamination, waste is transformed into a stylish functional fabric with a white pattern on a blue or black fabric. Other award-winning textile is made of cationic dyeable polyester fiber. Its unique and complex pattern is dark blue interspersed with light blue with a higher color fastness compared to regular functional fabrics.

As striving to develop fabrics with high functionality, Xpore always adheres to its goal of sustainability while bearing in mind what is good for the environment. All of its award-winning products are made from bio-fiber, recycled fiber and mono-material. Bio-Nylon fabrics reduce carbon footprint, while renewable bio-PET fabrics avoid consumption of petrochemical raw materials and pollution during the manufacturing process. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool and abaca are friendly to both the environment and people. Recycled fibers on the other hand re-use waste and transform them into eco-friendly recycled fabric materials, such as recycled nylon and recycled polyester; textile made with mono material - polyolefin compounds have allowed Xpore to take a step forward in textile recycling, circular economy, and life cycle assessment.


Xpore’s Effort on Environmental Protection Recognized by GRS

Xpore keeps striving for environmental protection, reducing resource waste, circular economy, and transforming waste into new products, and many others. Its efforts have been recognized not only by international awards, as well as GRS. GRS certified products must use materials containing at least 20% recycled fiber and must be 100% pollution-free. Furthermore, GRS has strict regulations with regards to pollution prevention, waste and chemical use.

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