Science Camp — the spark for kids’ passion for science

December 9, 2021

When children and science meet, it sparks inspiration for young minds. That’s precisely why BenQ Materials has been hosting Science Camp in rural communities of Taiwan since 2014 and encouraging the learning of basic scientific principles through hands-on experiments. In December, our volunteers were on hand in Kouhu, Yulin for a one-day event with 40 elementary school students to explore the beauty of science.

At Science Camp, every child is transformed into a little scientist, lab gown and all. Looking the part for the first time in their lives, they get involved in hands-on activities through an easy-to-understand teaching program. They make polarizers, kaleidoscopes, and bouncy balls, to name a few, and learn the basic concepts of optics and adhesives. Even the more advanced polarizer principles are in the syllabus.

In addition to encouraging children’s interest in science, we also raise their awareness of environmental protection and teamwork. Two group activities were organized for this at this year’s Science Camp. The first, students built a “green Taipei 101” using eco-friendly materials, while the second group tried to optimize a production line through testing and discussions.

These group games are designed for students to proactively help each other and join in conversations, which shape their concepts of sustainability and teamwork. Although Science Camp is one-day event, the enriching lessons and activities create wonderful and colorful memories for the children who participate.

As a global materials science expert and a top polarizer manufacturer, BenQ Materials has many R&D professionals with scientific backgrounds. At Science Camp, these hardcore scientists volunteer to turn hard-to-understand science into a series of “wow” moments that leave a great impression on the kids. Our volunteers guide students through a step-by-step understanding of optics and adhesives applied to materials production. By sparking kids’ scientific curiosity, Science Camp builds on our various social engagement programs that cultivate the passion of future generations to uncover the possibilities of science.