BenQ Materials named in the 2021 Best Companies to Work For in Asia

September 17, 2021

We are proud and honored to have been named in the 2021 “Best Company To Work For in Asia” by HR Asia, a leading trade publication. The award was assessed solely by employees based on the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM). It rates the entire organization for real engagement (Core), employee engagement (Self), and collective consciousness and team dynamics (Group). BenQ Materials scored ahead of the industry average, notably in terms of collective sentiment and emotional engagement as well as workplace achievement.

At BenQ Materials, we strive for a workplace where our employees can thrive in body and mind. Our people-oriented commitments include putting people first, fostering talent, and enhancing employee engagement.


Putting people first

This is based on four pillars: welfare excellence, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and access to healthcare. We promote extracurricular activities such as sports events, family days and cultural festivities to foster camaraderie. On-site employee amenities include a fitness room, library, subsidized nutritious cafeteria meals, and consultations with professional healthcare advisors. With the onset of COVID-19, we switched gears to digital and distant outreach programs. Care packages containing vitamins, hand sanitizers and masks were sent to all employees, and we purchased health insurance for them, too. For physical and mental stress relief, online sports events and e-sport competitions were organized for all to enjoy. 


Fostering talent

Be inspired to work on opportunities that push you to grow and cultivate your talents — that’s a fundamental commitment to our employees. Our multi-talent development program supports and upskills careers by offering internal & external training programs and scholarships for self-improvement. In 2020, over 70 internal lectures and online upskilling courses were held. Learning bonuses were also offered to incentivize self-learning at home during the pandemic. Whether it is nurturing specific professional skills or advancing with management opportunities, our people have access to enhance their competitiveness and expand their skills set. Learning opportunities open doors to new possibilities. It makes for a workplace that people aspire to be part of, and are inspired to grow better together.


Enhancing employee engagement

We believe that a good work environment is where the ideas of our people are heard and where our collective vision and goals are aligned. To enhance employee engagement, we encourage opportunities that spark innovative thinking. Our Cool Idea campaigns and the annual Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) facilitate cross-functional teams to brainstorm great ideas and discuss specific issues to arrive at better results. Our people are also the best ambassadors for sustainability in local communities. Activities such as beach cleaning campaigns and science camps for kids allow for hands-on participation to maximize our environmental and social impact. Every year, employees and their families gather for a Green Party to plant saplings at our Yunlin factory – as of 2020, over 8,200 trees have been planted.


Echoing our “Live with Innovation” ethos, this award underscores how we put people first by creating an equitable and engaging workplace where professional and diverse development is nurtured. We will continue to cultivate an employee-centric workplace where every individual feels cared for and supported.