2021 SID Display Week - Where the World’s Top Electronic Display Industry Meet

May 11, 2021

2021 SID Display Week - Where the World’s Top Electronic Display Industry Meet

BenQ Materials, a major manufacturer of polarizers, will participate in the 2021 Display Week Virtual Event and feature its advanced light-control technologies. 

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At the event, BenQ Materials will demo its core technology through five videos. The stories profile different professionals traveling through an airport and their individual workplace environment settings to showcase the application breakthroughs of advanced optical functional films and materials. These include solutions for image-quality enhancements and low-reflection eye protection for home entertainment and automotive use; seamless micro LEDs; OLEC true-black and ANSLCF dual-sided image projection on transparent films. 

BenQ Materials will once again publish its by-invitation technical paper for the symposium. In all aspects of research, engineering, application, evaluation, and utilization of displays, BenQ Materials' senior R&D personnel will represent the company to introduce its product features on May 21st. These include optimized optical films and display panels with superior performance that meet the growing demands of folding and curved displays. 

Other innovative solutions and optical products, including wide-screen, efficiency-improving, smart-office mobility, and audio-visual entertainment related technologies and applications, can be viewed online 24 hours a day at the 2021 SID Display Week from May 17th to 21st. 

Note: visitors can visit the booth from May 17th to September 15th, but only have access to the platform’s live chat between May 17th and 21st.   

We encourage all registered visitors to take the opportunity to ask us questions, and be sure to vote for your favorite booth and technology in the SID booth survey, which contributes to nominating BenQ Materials for the People's Choice Award.