The Ultimate Light-Control Solutions from BenQ Materials

April 24, 2021

BenQ Materials, a major manufacturer of polarizers, participated in the 2021 Touch Taiwan Smart Display International Exhibition. By combining its core technology, set in an airport VIP lounge, this solution demonstrates the advancement of light control technology. These include the solutions for image quality enhancement and low-reflection eye protection required for home entertainment and automotive use; the seamless Micro LED and the unify black optical film; proactive anti-peep technology needed for mobile office, and green building materials with the smart optical film. In response to the exhibition theme "smart display and application" category, and more competitive solutions for cross-sector such as in medical, retail, mobile, and recreational will help businesses stand out with new opportunities.

UHDEP and OLED CS Film solution to color shift, thin and fold-able design 
To correspond to the theme of "Diverse solutions from Light Control Technology'', BenQ Materials combined its core technologies in optics, materials and manufacturing to showcase the advanced evolution of various light control films. Among them, UHDEP and OLED CS Film, which are based on precision engraving technology, can effectively improve the panel image quality, and have been implemented by well-known international brands. To satisfy the fold-able display market, the application has passed more than 200,000 folding tests in certified laboratory. This also meets the requirements for high-resolution portable displays. 

Breakthrough the limitation of single side projection 
ANSLCF double-sided projection film breaks the limitation that OLED transparent displays can only be placed on one side. Now, it is able to project two different contents on a single glass at the same time with a wide viewing angle and high image quality. This new technology reduces the environmental interference from lights and the hot-spot on the screen during projection. All viewers are able to see the excellence in image quality, color, contrast, resolution, clarity, etc. with clarity no matter at which angle they stand.

The trend for floating touch projection technology under epidemic prevention
Another highlight of the exhibition is the contactless display for epidemic prevention. The combination of optical film and floating touch module replaces the need to touch an actual button. This helps to reduce the risk of spreading viruses in public spaces and the chance of infection. Yet, the sensitivity and the response is instant without delay in response. The adoption of the contactless display will no doubt meet life in the post-epidemic era and the working environment in most fields.

Perception change, redesign and redefine the process in the circular economy 
BenQ Materials presented itself in the circular economy zone. Here it will demonstrate how the water recycling process used during the whole life cycle of polarized film in manufacturing can be fully utilized in order to benefit the environment. The four main processes to achieve the goal of being environment friendly are: 1. Water saving. 2. Solvent-free optical adhesive 3. Energy saving. 4. Reuse of polarizer film. The General Manager, Ray Liu, the host and guest speaker on April 23 in the Circular Economy Development and Opportunities Forum, the speech discovered the topic on "BenQ Materials' Road to Low-Carbon Circular Economy."  

Other innovative optical products of note include wide-screen role-oriented improvement technologies, smart office mobility, and audio-visual entertainment. Related technologies and product prototypes had exhibited in Taiwan at Nangang Exhibition Hall I. To find out more detail about BenQ Materials, please feel free to contact us.