Xpore, BenQ Materials’ Textile Brand, Officially a bluesign® System Partner

April 17, 2021

BenQ Materials is pleased to announce another milestone for our textile brand Xpore by becoming a bluesign® system partner. The use of bluesign® approved chemical products and materials increases the safety of products in the textile supply chain and promotes responsible use of resources.

bluesign® system partners are committed to applying the bluesign® system, which unites the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment. Based on Input Stream Management, bluesign® approved chemical products and raw materials are used in all steps of the manufacturing process. Substances posing risks to people and the environment are eliminated from the very beginning. On-site inspections verify the proper application of chemical products and raw materials in controlled processes that improve a company’s sustainability performance.

BenQ Materials will continue pressing forward in delivering innovative and truly environmentally friendly high-performance textile products to customers around the world.