2021 TouchTaiwan Exhibition

April 11, 2021

BenQ Materials, a major manufacturer of polarizers, will participate in Touch Taiwan 2021. This physical exhibition will showcase the advanced development of ANSLCF dual-sided projection films, curved films, SAGL, Micro LED, and large-sized PDLC on/off privacy applications. 
BenQ Materials will highlight a variety of innovative light-control film products in an ‘airport VIP lounge’ setting, combining its core technologies in optics, materials and manufacturing. For epidemic prevention, real-life applications with mobile commerce features will also be on show. ANSLCF dual-sided projection films, with different images on both sides, will demonstrate the effectiveness of secondary projection of image interference, and excellent performance of projection with a wide-viewing angle. The exhibition will also demonstrate the use of a curved flat screen to observe the color shift and the quality of the image in bright and dark states. SAGL will feature wide viewing angles and anti-reflection characteristics under light in a contrasting manner. A cut-out of circular displays can be used for signage under strong light source conditions. In addition to the visual appeal of OCA films with borderless design, a 3D light field floating touch can be used to develop mobile epidemic prevention measures.

BenQ Materials will present itself in the circular economy zone, booth N220. Here it will demonstrate how the water recycling process used during the whole life cycle of polarized film in manufacturing can be fully utilized in order to benefit the environment. The four main processes to achieve the goal of being environment friendly are: 1. Water saving. 2. Solvent-free optical adhesive 3. Energy saving. 4. Reuse of polarizer film.

Other innovative optical products of note include wide-screen role-oriented improvement technologies, smart office mobility, and audio-visual entertainment. Related technologies and product prototypes will be exhibited at booth N814 in Nangang Exhibition Hall I. Join us for the Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition from April 21-23, 10:00-17:00